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Workplace Wellness

Psychological safety starts with you.

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Workplace Wellness



Team psychological safety is a shared belief held by members of a team that it’s OK to take risks, to express their ideas and concerns, to speak up with questions, and to admit mistakes — all without fear of negative consequences.

Personal psychological safety supports the above, but is about the climate in your own mind. Is your mind a safe place? It needs to be, because you take this defining sense of yourself and the world with you wherever you go.



Building a mentally healthy workplace makes good business sense. Employees who feel safe, respected, and supported are able to perform at their best and achieve their full potential.



Managing psychological safety risks is now a legislative requirement. The Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice 2022 states that employees must be supported to “take reasonable care for their own psychological safety, and to not adversely affect the psychological safety of other persons.”

Cultivating your own psychological safety means taking radical personal responsibility to be in an adaptive/learning state, vs a protected/reactive one.


​UNSAFE: Protected / Reactive

  • External locus of control / ‘Other things control my outcomes’

  • High-stress response to feeling threatened

  • Contraction – protecting one’s ideas and self

  • Unable to consider other perspectives or possibilities, or try or learn something new

  • Rely on old, default thinking and information

  • Too much time in ‘fight-and-flight’ leads to anxiety, depression, burnout, and harms the body.


SAFE: Adaptive / Learning​​

  • Inner locus of control / ‘I control my outcomes’

  • Expansive / Possibility posture

  • Calm & focused (flow)

  • Clarity of the situation inside & around you 

  • Balanced emotions – acceptance

  • Balanced thinking: learning & creative

  • Collaborative

The problem is that when people most need to be in an adaptive state
(when the stakes are high and the pressure is on), they are most likely to be reactive!

Achieving Workplace Wellness

Our training programs focus on the key concepts of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to create a culture of psychological safety in your organization. 


Our program is designed to help your employees develop the skills they need to build strong, supportive relationships with their colleagues and managers, and to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

  • Create a more supportive and inclusive workplace culture

  • Improve employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction

  • Foster innovation and creativity

  • Improve communication and collaboration between employees and teams

  • Reduce turnover and absenteeism

Workplace Wellness
and Modern Monk

At Modern Monk, we have Workplace Wellness programs designed specifically for leaders and managers, as well as programs for all employees.

We run in-person and online programs of varying lengths to suit individual client needs.

Our proprietary methodology and practices combine mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology and decades of experience working with business and organisational leaders worldwide.

Our training programs are designed to be interactive and engaging, with a focus on practical skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace. The program includes a mix of presentations, discussions, and experiential exercises that help participants to:

clapping office workers.jpg
  • Understand the concept of psychological safety and its importance in the workplace

  • Develop mindfulness skills to help manage stress, increase focus, and improve communication

  • Learn emotional intelligence skills to build strong, supportive relationships with colleagues and managers

  • Explore strategies for creating a culture of psychological safety in the workplace

  • Practice techniques for managing difficult conversations and conflicts

Interested to learn how our Workplace Wellness programs can transform
your culture of psychological safety? Let’s Connect.

Phone 0400 041 906 |

We offer two types of services:



These range from 20-min lunch-and-learn sessions, to half-day workshops, to longer skill-building and transformative programs. 


Custom Build

Contact us to discuss a mindfulness program suiting your needs. 



Over fifteen years,

We've had the privilege to teach mindfulness to thousands of people in our corporate programs.

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Get in touch with us to discuss what would suit your organisation.



Our Clients Speak,

We've had the privilege to teach mindfulness to thousands of people in our corporate programs.


Thank you so much for your incredible presentation. Personally, it was the absolute highlight of the evening for me. Your words have stayed with me and I've found myself repeating them like a mantra!

Roxane Horton


Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Peppermint Magazine

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend both Manish as a presenter and the program itself as a practical way of adding to the toolkit of professionals working in a complex, stressful and yet ultimately very rewarding field.

Brett Shackleton


Principal, Ferny Grove State School

I believe that there is huge benefits for organizations to partner with you to enhance the well-being and productivity of a workforce under pressure.

Elaine De Vos


Former CEO at Mercy Community Services SEQ Ltd

The manner in which you presented, kept the interest and enthusiasm of every member of staff - it is the most committed and focused I have seen the staff. You spoke directly to these areas and did so from bout scientific approaches, referencing brain function as well as more meditative, pastoral approaches. 

Matt Edwards


Principal, St Elizabeth's

Recently Manish presented to each team in our individual offices an amazing mindfulness workshop.

We discovered how the brain works and the difference that a conscious breath or  breaths can make when dealing with difficult situations. We are looking forward to receiving more mindfulness training.

Ashley Fox


Director, Capitol Body Corporate

Manish presents a wonderfully comprehensive body-mind-spirit program very clearly.

I'm motivated to get back to practice.

Jennie Elston


Osteopath/Clinic Manager

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