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What's Your Weather like? (Day 102)

The weather is a useful metaphor for our emotional state. Sometimes it's sunny and calm inside, and sometimes storms come up, some of which can be very destructive, like our strong emotional reactions. But, sooner or later, all storms pass, and calm returns, for a little while!

You bear no responsibility for the weather, and the same is true, in any given moment, for your emotional state (in the big picture, however, you are responsible). The emotional state you wake-up in (a long-term, low-grade anxiety, for example) is largely caused by the deep well of reactivity that we carry inside ourselves.

We are 100% responsible for how we show-up and meet the anxiety (for example) – for not reacting to our reaction. The key is not to fight what's there. There's no sense in shaking your fist and yelling at the rain, you have to accept it and get on with your day as smoothly as possible.

When you're able to do that (to some degree!), the storms become a big opportunity to surface and deal with some of your deep, old and dangerous reactivity.


Take note of the internal 'weather' that you're in right now, and watch for any changes over time. Understand that it's your responsibility to manage any reactivity that comes up in response to the weather – that's just you creating more storms!

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