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Underriding Emotions

Day 242

Our mammal/emotional minds have a propensity to be anywhere but the 'maybe'. Every day, we are training them to settle into it. As we do, life gets better, partly because this whole time we've been riding a subtle 'no', which is starting to come into view/dissolve.

A core part of our mammal minds operates like an alarm. When an alarm goes off, you drop everything and immediately, and with laser-focus, deal with the situation at hand. If you survive, the alarm turns off and your chillert nervous system ('rest & digest') and the rest of your mind comes back online. This is the system working as intended.

The problem is, some of our alarms have gotten stuck in the ON position. They ramped-up (some of them many years ago), never quite settled down, and have now become a steady background alarming buzz.

You're going to 'underride' these alarms and reactive impulses – as opposed to 'overriding' them, which can have a sense of 'ignoring' or 'steamrolling over'. You underride them by bringing your maybe. Just stop saying 'no' (insofar as you can). Bring your awareness & acceptance to the alarm and your reaction to it (the anxiety, anger, etc.).



Observe a deliberate breath. Repeat as necessary.

The moment you consciously engage your human/awareness mind and your reptile body mind, you have begun the underriding process – you are heading towards maybe. Breathing itself is a deep and subtle expression of 'yes' (that gradually settles into a deep and rich maybe).

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