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The Wild World & Your Wild Mind (Day 75)

Your task as you navigate through your day is to notice what is built of thoughts and what is still wild (untouched by human influence).

If you live in a city, as most of us do, almost everything you see will be evidence of an accumulation of many millennia of thinking, aka 'culture'. It's no coincidence that when we need to 'get away from it all', we head out to nature, where we find little to no evidence of human thinking. If you are in a city, one of most reliable and accessible ways to find some wilderness is simply to look up – the sky, clouds, sun, and stars remain largely untouched and wild.

Similarly, the landscape inside your head, the interior lives we live, have been almost entirely colonised by thoughts. The outside world matches your insides! But, the deeper, far larger and more influential parts of you are still wild. These are the parts that will yield your lasting happiness, once we reconnect to them and sort out what's gone awry. A simple way to connect with your inner wilderness is to notice a breath or body sensation.


Out in the world, and inside your head, be aware of what's constructed of thoughts and what's still wild. Keep reconnecting with what's wild, internally and externally, and see if you can maintain that connection as you head back into our human world of thinking.

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