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The Story of You Begins Here...

This is from our Daily Practice Group, Feb 7 2023. (You are welcome to join us!)


Having built the foundations of our yoga practice, both externally and internally, we are now able to (begin to) observe ourselves in a much more subtle way. Our yoga practice is developing the support and space to do this.

What we are observing at the moment is our body/reptile and emotional/mammal minds – within our torsos, in the shape of a lightbulb (in that, the lower torso is engaged/narrowed, and the upper torso is expanded).

Coming at it from this angle allows us to see a part of the emotional mind that's buried deep and hidden from view. We're usually dealing with our reactivity, the more 'developed' and observable stage of emotions. But from this inside angle, we can see the birth of this mind, when it shows up as a mere whisper of a knowing-feeling of what's happening to/in its body.

This is the 'clean' part of your emotional mind, in the sense of carrying no reactivity and causing no problems. This is the birth of your consciousness...of beginning to tell the story of 'you'. Every moment it refreshes itself, as the body continues to change.

There is enormous depth to be plumbed here over time, but one important aspect is that when you get familiar with this space, the inevitable reactive emotional storms that develop are experienced within this larger context, and so are easier to weather.

You're setting all this in motion by simply 'holding the space', as they say...but, in this case, literally! Keep your light on.💡


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