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The Raw Data of High-Value Thoughts (Day 73)

Information-gathering. Today we're in a similar space to yesterday's decision-making, but now we're focusing on how to take in the information that feeds fresh and creative thinking, a core aspect of high-value thoughts.

Most of our thoughts are recycled – we've had them before, often many, many times (especially the unpleasant ones!). This well-trodden and mostly unconscious space is where our many biases and pre-conceptions live. If we want to 'think different', we have to gather some fresh data. The raw data – the first-hand experience – of our lives, are our body sensations.

This sensational/body data will trickle-up (you do have to manage its journey through your emotional landscape) and feed a whole new crop of thoughts with a foundation of insight – aka high-value thoughts!


Tune into your body sensations as an information-gathering exercise. Keep that data in the mix as you navigate the various moments of your day. Notice how this may subtly or strongly change your thoughts and behaviour. Pay particular attention to your engagement with other people!

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