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The Path of Increasing Richness — Day 190

In this clip from Lawrence of Arabia (the entrance of Ali), notice how long it takes for the resolution/clarity of the character to develop – starting from a black dot on the horizon, to an individual with a dramatic story going on. Notice also the quality of attention that Lawrence and his friend give to that slowly growing clarity.

This month we are looking at our human mind and its quality of awareness. As you spend more time sitting in and living from your awareness, you'll notice that it has a certain quality of time and pace to it (one that is quite different to that of our thinking and emotions).

Things seem slower and more expansive here. But not because you're trying to go slow! You're going slower because you're having a more fine-grained, subtle experience. There is simply more happening – more data. You are having a richer experience.

We're going to substitute the word 'slow' for 'rich'. You're not doing 'slow walking', it's 'rich walking', and so on. This is important to tap into because the goodness inside of us is only accessible through this path of increasing richness/subtlety.

[Note that 'fast' will come back – in fact, you will be able to go even faster/longer – but it will be 'smooth' (in flow), which is what opens the door to peak-performance.]


As you practice, pay attention ardently, like Lawrence does. Find your subtle edge of awareness (what shows-up after you've been practicing for a while, that you can just barely make out) and see how it resolves over time.

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