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The Pace Race ๐Ÿ† โ€” Day 192

We're looking into the pace of our awareness, and how it's different to the pace that we usually live at (which is largely derived from our thoughts and reactions).

We have a deep cultural bias towards fast. Notice how many of our accolades are for being the fastest, for example. Fast is exciting. But there's no particular reason to privilege fast over slow. We need both, as appropriate. Think of how a lion spends a lot of time being still or moving quite slowly, but when it's time to get some dinner, they move very quickly.

We are, individually, and as a culture, a bit stuck in fast, and we have lost some flexibility around slow. We're stuck in a narrow bandwidth re pace. Flexibility stretches equally both ways, so the slower/richer you can go, the faster/smoother you'll be able to go as well (that's where the high-performance conversation is).


Notice the richer/slower side of the pace around (e.g. clouds) and inside you (e.g. breath).

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