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Take A Deep Breath...

Day 233

The next few days we're going to focus on simply practicing – often the hardest thing of all – especially when you realise that, on a deep level, your thoughts are many and wild, all of the time.

This month we've been looking at our monkey/thinking minds from a few different angles. As you're starting to discern more clearly and subtly what's actually going on in there, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming.

When your stability of mind and focus need some support, rely on your physical body – particularly your deliberate breathing. and also your @attention posture. Both of them offer a more engaging and easily sustained point of focus, and they also rebalance – soften & strengthen – our core support.


Breathing on purpose is something that you can't really do too much of. You could do it all day long, or for an entire year. Either would be a good idea!

This is one of the few things that can work well while you're doing something else. You'll know if you have the bandwidth to bring a strong—subtle deliberate breath into your attentional mix. Bring it in wherever possible.

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