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Strengthen Your Wings — Day 177

The old monks and yogis described awareness & acceptance as being like the two wings of of a bird. They must be of equal size and strength in order for the bird to be able to fly and navigate. Most of us are out of balance.

High awareness and low acceptance makes the world feel like a hard and stressful place. Chances are you have built-up some habitual tension as armour to deal with the world. (Most people engaged in practicing mindfulness are in this category).

Low awareness and high acceptance can be an easier position at first (ignorance is bliss!), but when things do go wrong, there is not enough understanding to fix them.

We have to balance the strength of our awareness & acceptance skills in an overall way, but also in how we apply them day-to-day. You are always using both, but in any given moment, one or the other may be more needed.


Let all of the day-by-day detail we've been focusing on just wash over you, and come back to simple awareness & acceptance (remember to keep body sensations in the mix).

In so doing, you are loving yourself up!

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