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Standing-Up Against the Wall (Day 150)

This week we're looking at what it means to stand/sit at attention. We want to adopt this posture for a number of reasons, including:

  • the correlation between standing at attention and paying attention (aka taking control of your mind)

  • the physiological efficiency in this posture of breathing and all body functions (organs, muscles, joints, etc.)

  • an important aspect of that increased efficiency involves releasing the physical tension we hold in our bodies (as a result of our unprocessed emotional reactions)

  • Overriding what our thoughts and emotions want us to think, feel and do

So far we've focused on what our ribcage does as we inhale – part of the posture of inhalation. Today we're going to explore the standing posture itself. What is standing up straight, and is it different to what you've been doing?

As a general indication and guide to realigning your posture, you're going to stand up against a wall, with your feet a few inches away from it, feeling your buttocks, shoulders and the back of your head touching it. Don't try too hard to get it 'right', but let it be an indication of where you might subtly adjust. Does this feel different to how you normally stand? If so, what's the difference?


When you move away from the wall, try bringing a sense of this new posture as you do your practice (flap-squats and sitting) and as you move through your day. You'll keep going back to your habitual posture, of course, but every time you inhale deliberately, feel your way into standing/sitting a little more at attention.

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