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Slow & Go — Day 194

We're looking at our human mind, at its quality of awareness, and at the pace of life and ourselves when we're aware. Generally, at first, we're stuck in our thoughts and emotions, which are fast (and tense). Even when we become aware more often, the momentum and tension take some time to re-balance. But awareness itself changes immediately – it's the difference between falling and floating down to earth.

Parachutes and sails are more or less the same thing – a piece of material to catch the air. But, generally speaking, they have two opposite functions – one slows you down and the other speeds you up/makes you move.

As we explore our awareness, we'll start by parachuting out of where we're generally stuck (in our 'malfunctioning-plane-on-a-collision-course' thinking and reacting minds). We need to slow down first, and from there we can re-learn what fast feels like without tension (with the wind in our sails). This is analogous to our physical body/yoga practice, where we have to find softness before we can rediscover and build strength without tension.

Being aware is having a deployed parachute – things may be fast and falling around you, but you feel a floating quality. From here – especially as you develop insight into awareness – you will be sensitive to the changing air currents and will move accordingly, in flow.


As you go through your day, consciously deploy your parachute – float / simply observe. What changes? How does it feel? When appropriate, consciously take action from this perspective/posture.

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