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Simply Alive & Existing — Day 198

This week we're using our human awareness to look inwards, towards the subtlety of our minds, to learn about our own nature. We do this so that we can live "as nature" – as per the recent UN report (Day 197) .

It's critical that we make this connection with our deeper selves, for our own individual wellbeing, and for that of humanity and the planet as well.

Our deep minds include the levels of Life (plants/cells) and Being (rocks/atoms). Notice that in the above photo you see no* evidence of your higher-order mind – no sign of thinking, emotional reactivity or animals. You see only signs of life and matter.

As humans, we can find enormous comfort and insight in these situations. They help us connect with our deeper selves.


*You may have noticed that there is actually some subtle evidence of agriculture!


Focus on something that is simply alive (plants) or existing (earth, sky, water). You could also try imagining that you're in your favourite natural setting.

See if you can tune in to their pace/feel. You share this pace, in a very deep way. After all, you are also simply alive and existing!

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