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Simple (But Not Easy!)

Day 229

Today we're showing-up in our mental gym – like we do every morning – and getting right into our workout to build some mental muscle. We are engaged in educating/training our monkey/thinking minds. This brings many benefits, including keeping them from wandering-off into unnecessary problems, allowing them to rest (getting us happier and healthier), and building the stability of focus which supports the state of flow.

'Lifting your weight' involves focusing your attention on your breath (or at other times, your body sensations, or anything really), and recovering your focus as necessary. We do this with an attitude of acceptance – with no drama around our 'success'. Over time, as your mental muscle strengthens, you will be able to lift more and more weight. Your focus will become more stable, with fewer distractions and quicker recoveries, and the subtlety of what you notice with respect to your breath will increase.

The education/training of our monkey minds can feel tricky at first, when the mind is most wild and resistant to your efforts. Many/most days will just be about showing-up and getting to work – with a subtle smile, and with no importance around 'success'! How well (or not well) you focus doesn't matter at all. The fact that you make the effort every day is the only important thing.


Keep it simple, even when it's not easy.

Focus on the touch-of-the-breath in your nose.

Recover from distractions as necessary, with no drama. 🙂

Notice the quality of your focus in everything you for the rest of your day.

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