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Riding Your Flowmentum — Day 181

(I suggest that you watch this video with the sound off.)

In six months of practicing daily you've generated quite a bit of momentum towards a creating healthier mind. It's still early days, in terms of changing things at the deepest levels of your mind, but at the same time, it's a solid chunk of enough time that your mind is getting on board with what you're asking it to do – even if it doesn't always feel like that!

Your mind wants to help you. The reason that the practice will inevitably work in the end (you will sort out all of your suffering), if you keep practicing, is that underneath all of your problems lives your innate goodness, just waiting for you to unearth it, and wanting to express itself (yourself!).

Here at the six month mark, let's take a moment to ride the flow of our momentum – our flowmentum. Let the wind (breath) fill up your sails (diaphragm and throat parachutes) and take you towards your destination. Your job is to keep an eye on the navigation – make sure you stay focused. You don't need to push, want or struggle.

As an example of working without tension and using flowmentum instead, observe how the monkey in the video navigates the ninja challenge. Notice how it differs from the tense and wanting energy that human contestants bring to the same task. The monkey is totally focused, but also totally relaxed.


See if you can bring some monkey-ninja energy to your practice. Relax into it and let the flowmentum that you've patiently been building day-by-day help you.

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