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Re-inflate Yourself

Day 269 / Body-mind

We're looking at the physical foundation of the Compassionate Maybe โ€“ which is the emotional space that we investigated last month.

Yesterday the 'car' ๐Ÿš™ metaphor came up, and today we'll take it bit further. Think of the air in your car's tires. When they're properly inflated, driving is smooth, and bumps in the road are absorbed by the cushion-of-air between you and the road surface. Similarly, in your body, when you inhale, you inflate and support yourself.

We all carry extra, unconscious negativity/reactivity within us, just from dealing with life. Much of the early practice is about recognising and releasing this. This historical 'no' shows-up in your body as a contraction and density. You're like a tire without enough (or sometimes any) air. When your body isn't supported and properly inflated, the bumps of life hit you harder, and in general there will be friction where there could be flow.



Notice what changes in your body as you breathe in. What moves as you fill up with air? As you exhale, keep some of the 'inhaled', opened-up, spacious feeling. Notice how often you find yourself deflated. Re-inflate as necessary.

As you get used to the cushion-of-air feeling, notice what it's like to live your life from this posture.

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