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Q&A: Drinking to Escape🍷🙊


Hi Manish I’m really enjoying and getting a lot out of our daily mindfulness sessions. I have a question for you. I have identified my 4 to 5 repeating emotional wells that the monkey predominantly takes me to. They are discontent, judgment, overwhelm and resentment/anger.

I have also noticed that I use alcohol to numb the monkeys relentless hounding on me and to escape myself. I don’t drink a lot but it does avoid dealing with myself, to lighten up and have a bit of fun. I have decided to undertake an experiment for a month to see how or what I can put in place of alcohol as it messes with my head and the next day the monkey is louder and really beats me up and I am usually not feeling great as I’ve not slept well. It only take two drinks for me to feel this way.

I am interested in your thoughts or even as a way of keeping myself accountable. It’s really hard as my husband and I are going out to dinner tonight and then the theater and the monkey is telling me - go on, one more night won’t hurt - have some fun you’ve earned it. My body knows I shouldn’t.


Very good insight! 👍🏾

More to unpack, obviously, but a quick idea for tonight…

Have 1 drink.

Pay very close attention to it, which is to say, enjoy it as fully as possible.

Prob involves s t r e t c h i n g / s l o w i n g the experience.

Pay particular attention to how it shows up in your subtle-level body sensations - the buzz!😊

Right next door to the buzz will be the Big Bad 5 (unpleasant emotions from above). Bring your vibe/posture of enjoyment to them too (but, for now, you can keep them in the background).

(Did you know that I’ve invented a practice called Winefulness? Will let you know when we do the next one.)

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