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Put Your (Lower) Back Into It! (Day 160)

Today we finished-up our focus on the lower torso by adding an engagement of the lower back. Compared to the pelvic floor and belly, this one is pretty simple. It'll feel a bit like wearing one of those back protectors that weight lifters or movers use. You'll feel a bit more supported and stronger in that area.

As you feel your lower back gently pulling-in towards the center of your body, it's important to keep things balanced by pulling-in your belly as well. The two together, plus your pelvic floor lifting-up, serve as the foundation for your physical (and breathing) support.

Thinking back to the diaphragm parachute (Day 48), and to how parachutes work in general, the big sail part (diaphragm) that catches the wind (breath), is connected by strings to a heavier and smaller object. In the case of a real parachute, this would be a person, and in the case of our metaphor, it's the lower torso core support that you've just built.


Play/experiment with what we've been looking at over the past two weeks – the parachute. Feel how your core support (lower torso) is connected with your open and flexible breathing. It can be tricky as there is a Strong & Soft dichotomy going on here! It's all too easy for the engagement down below to bleed tension into your breathing.

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