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Practicing All Day (Day 136)

We're having a week of consolidation. As we bring some intentional ease to our practice, one of the factors we'll begin to look at is bringing the practice with us as we move through our day.

How can you bring the practice to work, for example? We'll start by looking at 2 ways:

  1. Micro-practices: this could be taking 1-breath, or pausing for 1-minute and doing a short formal practice (where you attempt to focus 100% of your attention).

  2. Percentage-practice: this is where you bring a subtle, ongoing awareness of your body/breath/present moment, as you're engaged in another activity (e.g. cooking while aware of smells or textures, or having postural awareness while writing an email or talking on the phone). This is an example of an informal practice.


Experiment with practicing throughout your day, both formally and informally.

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