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Pelvic Floor – the Root of Core Support (Day 156)

Today we're looking at the root of your core support – the engagement of your pelvic floor. Assuming that you're toilet trained and can walk and talk, you're already using these muscles, as you can't do any of the above without them. Notice that these abilities all show-up around a similar time in our growth and are major developmental milestones in the change from baby to toddler.

But, chances are that it's been a long time since you've paid deliberate attention to developing these muscles (barring the odd yoga, pilates or post-pregnancy class). There's lots more to develop, although the focus gets subtler than the above three aspects. Now it's about supporting your physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, and ultimately, your awareness itself. The pelvic floor acts as the keel of your body and mind – working deep below the surface to keep you steady in both calm and rough seas.

If you don't have much awareness down here yet, engaging it might feel like an on/off switch at first, but eventually you'll find endless subtlety in this muscle, using it as the situation requires.


When you're sitting still, see if you can feel and engage your pelvic floor as if you were holding a feather in-between your fingers – using just the slightest bit of effort and some attention. Also notice how it gets involved when you do something more intense like getting up out of your chair, or coughing/projecting your voice.

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