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Objective Clarity โ€” Day 188

This week we've been looking at our human awareness, and in particular at its independent quality. Independent from what? From the rest of your mind, and through that, from the whole outside world.

Independent awareness brings about a perspective of objectivity. Now there's some space between You/awareness and everything else. Yesterday we looked at attachment, the space you make is you detaching from the world and yourself.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Your experience changes from:

๐Ÿต 'I think', to 'there is this thought happening right now'

๐Ÿฐ 'I am angry/sad', to 'there is anger/sadness happening right now'

๐Ÿ 'I'm in pain', to 'there is this painful sensation happening right now'

As your objective perspective gets increasingly stable, it will enable you to see everything that is going on inside and around you with more and more clarity and insight.


See if you can notice the tendency to personalise your thoughts, emotions and sensations โ€“ and then reframe them, as above. (Btw, it still counts even if you just think the reframing words, but don't feel much different!)

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