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Natural Yes & Habitual No (Day 95)

Living from a 'Yes' perspective will change your life. Try it and find out how!

This whole week we're looking at our unconscious and habitual reactivity vs our need for acceptance. Today we're going to keep it super simple and observe this polarity in terms of saying (behaving) Yes or No.

Every reaction is a 'No', and all acceptance is a 'Yes'. We say 'No' even before we have time to think and make a conscious choice about a situation, and in fact, we have a subtle (sometimes strong!) background 'No' going on all the time.

This means that, at first, saying 'Yes' must be a conscious and deliberate choice. We have to change our 'No' habit. But deep down, we are innately 'Yes' creatures. Saying 'No' takes effort, whereas when we are calm and balanced, and not doing anything, we naturally live in a soft 'Yes' state.


Notice when you are reacting, saying 'No'. Try saying 'Yes' instead. How do you do that, what does is feel like, and how does your life unfold differently?

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