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Mules in Motion — Day 207

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

We are building awareness of our human awareness. This week, we've looked at its qualities of choiceless observation and unconditional love. Yesterday we talked about how sustaining this perspective is what moves us from darker to lighter.

But, remember, you don't have to make yourself better (move towards the light) or proactively try and change anything at all. This has nothing to do with practicing mindfulness, and you would only get in the way (as you currently are!). Instead, you will love yourself better – deeply aware of yourself, and unconditionally accepting yourself.

As an expression of the unique 'non-doing' nature of this change, I invite you to consider the mules that carry people to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The path (practice) is long, steep and treacherous (like facing our fears). But the mules are highly experienced, sure-footed, and we trust them with our lives. No interspecies backseat-driving is necessary or useful. You are being taken for a ride.


Your job as the rider (awareness), is to observe the canyon (your mind) as you step-by-step plumb the vast geological depth and time (of your reactivity, identity and deepest nature), knowing and loving it ever-deeper. At some point, you will reach the bottom (finish your practice).

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