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⛅️ Mindful Cloud-Watching ⛅️

Sunday April 3rd, 9–10am

Victoria Park, Herston (the old golf course)

In-person & Online

Cloud-watching is a very deep and yet also very accessible mindfulness practice. If you could fully take-in the wisdom of clouds, you would come away from this one practice a completely different person. 

It would be great if you could join us for our first-ever Mindful Cloud-Watching practice. All are welcome.😊

We'll get together in Victoria Park, spend a few minutes talking about and framing the practice, warm-up a bit, and then kick-back and get up to some focused cloud-watching. Afterwards we'll debrief, have a potluck picnic and generally catch-up. 

That Sunday also marks Day 92 of our Daily Practice Group, which is one-fourth of the year done! 🎉 You can join us every morning as well, and experience the extraordinary power of a daily practice over time.

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