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Subtler Emotions (Day 81)

Today we’re looking at the emotional space that lives in-between our stronger and more volatile positive and negative reactions – our “I like it!” and “I don’t like it!” moments.

Bringing your attention to this space can be a tricky task, as it'll often feel like nothing is happening, at first. And at times like that, you usually get absorbed by your thoughts.

WBut something is always happening on this emotional level. And, chances are, whatever you're noticing are your go-to stronger reactions (e.g. anxiety expressed in various aspects of your life) will also be present in this subtler space – you just don't know it's happening, yet. Which is actually more problematic then the big explosive ones, in that these pervasive background reactions determine your whole outlook on life! Eventually, we'll gain access to a state of sustained wellbeing by going through this in-between space.


Notice the periods in-between your stronger emotional reactions. During those calmer moments, with a little time and attention, see if you can tune into a subtler, background feeling. If you find something there, does it bear any resemblance to any of your more familiar feelings?

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