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Looking for 'No' find your 'Maybe'

Day 247

This week, we're looking at the 'maybe' space, which can be a tricky to find and hold, at first. 'Maybe' means that you're not reacting, either positively ("I like/want it!") or negatively ("I don't like/want it!"). Instead, you're aware & accepting of however things are. 'Maybe' is decoupling from your emotional reactions.

We've become so used to living in a reactive state that it's now normalised enough to have disappeared from our awareness, until it hits a certain threshold of intensity. A sustainable 'maybe' (and a lot of possibility and growth) lives behind that unconscious wall of 'no'. When we can see our 'no', then there is every chance of moving towards 'maybe'.



Notice when and where you say 'no'. This might show-up in some life situation, or in your thoughts, feelings or body. The truth is, every 'no' is expressed on all levels. Wherever you notice it, stay alert to becoming aware of the other levels.

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