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I've Looked At Thoughts From Both Sides Now

Day 216 / Week 31 wrap-up

This week we looked closely at our thoughts – specifically at their beginnings and endings. For our purposes right now, this insight will accomplish two things:

  1. Micro(scope) – when we see that thoughts have a (quite short) lifespan, and that there is space in-between them, a core truth becomes apparent: they are impermanent. They have no lasting nature. Observing and experiencing this loosens their grip and power over you.

  2. Macro (telescope) – looking at the big picture, we see that there is a river of thoughts constantly flowing in our minds, and now we know from our own experience (which is wisdom) that this flow is made-up of countless individual thoughts (drops of water). This gives us perspective and objectivity around our thinking and thoughts, also loosening their grip and power over us.

Our thoughts are like a movie that we get engrossed in...enslaved even! It is critical for our wellbeing and peace of mind that we recognise this and free ourselves. Recognising their impermanent nature by seeing their lifespan is an important part of that process.


Regularly check-in on your thoughts on both a micro and macro level. And even when you're playing your part in the movie, don't forget the fundamental truth of the story you're in...especially when your life is feeling like a drama or tragedy!

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