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🎶 Getting to Know You…

Day 208 / Week 30

This week we looked at the nature of our human awareness and its qualities of choiceless observation and unconditional love.

Your lived experience and understanding of these two concepts will deepen over time, but it is useful to understand that they are a foundational part of your human nature. We will keep coming back to them all the way to the end of the practice.

Then we looked at how sustaining this meta-perspective is what moves you from dark (worse) to light (better). You don’t have to know how or try to change or fix anything, ever. You simply have to be aware & accepting of what is – especially yourself – and you will notice that things are changing all by themselves. This is the ‘choiceless observation'.

This is the same as saying that you simply (but not always easily!) have to love yourself (and everything) as you are. This is the ‘unconditional love’.

Practicing mindfulness involves knowing and loving yourself ever more deeply, thereby progressively uncovering your innate good self – your human nature.


Isolating yourself from everything that’s going on and getting into your subtle human awareness can be a very tricky thing to do. And even when you do manage to get back into the driver’s seat, you’ll keep drifting away again and again. Don’t get frustrated or disappointed when this inevitably happens. Instead, be 1% happy that you managed to slip out of the movie and return to your senses at all…even if for just a moment! Keep doing what you can, and over time you will get more stable.

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