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⛅️ Mindful Cloud-Watching ⛅️

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When: Sunday, April 3rd from 9-10am (Brisbane time)

Please arrive a bit early!

We're having a potluck picnic after.

Where: In-person: Victoria Park (the old golf course), Herston (see the map below)

We suggest that you park on Gilchrist Ave.

Online: Zoom meeting 303 874 6689

Cost: By donation

Bring: Picnic blanket/yoga mat

A plate to share


Bug spray

Optional: phone & headphones (for Zoom connection)

We're doing a Mindful Cloud-Watching practice next Sunday April 3rd. You can join us online or in-person (Brisbane). This will be, as far as we know, the first time that this has ever 'officially' been attempted. You'll be part of history in the making! 😉 All are welcome, no prior experience required.

So much of this practice is about pace. Clouds have their own pace – one that is very different to our own fast-paced lives. But a very deep part of us exists in cloud-time, and watching clouds connects us with that part of ourselves.

We've kind of lost touch with these deep parts of ourselves, at an enormous cost to our individual and collective health and happiness. Mindfulness is about reconnecting you to ALL of you. We think that you'd be hard-pressed to find something of higher-value and more benefit that you could be doing – clouds are about as chill as it gets!

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