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Don't be a Servant!

Day 222

This is a very important insight that Einstein is sharing with us, and it's particularly relevant to what we're talking about this week. Which is, our thinking/monkey minds, and how they tend to wander towards problems, many of which are simply not true/real.

What he calls the 'rational' mind is what we're calling the monkey/thinking mind. And not only have we 'created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift', but we have done the exact same thing in our own minds/selves. (But of course the two have to match, our society/culture is created only out of each of us individuals. That big-picture level is simply an emergent reflection of you.)

We are not robustly in touch with our intuition – too often not at all. We connect with this gift through the language of our bodies – physical sensations (aka our 'sensational intelligence'). It will likely take a while to re-learn this language and get fluent, but it will come back. It's your mother-tongue, after all! Right now, too much noisy monkey chatter is covering-up this much subtler channel.

The 'sacred' aspect of our gift is speaking to the ultimate aim of the practice – knowing yourself (and the universe) fully. This journey and destination take you deeply inside your mind, into an experience that many people frame as 'sacred'. Here in the practice, we call it the empty – the ultimate truth of you. Your intuitive mind (your body) is the doorway into the sacred space.

Instead of leading with our gift, we have become servants of our monkey minds. We live enthralled by their stories, which are largely untrue! And thinking roots go deep – our very sense of self, our ego, is a product of monkey magic.

PRACTICE: Freedom from Servitude

Take a breath (1-3), and let your monkey overlords rest (your glitter settle), for moment.

Take a few breaths (5-10), and let them rest for a bit longer.

Tune into the level of body sensation – connect with your gift.

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