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Decision-Making & High-Value Thoughts (Day 72)

What's under your control in order to make the best decisions you can?

Today we're going to focus on a sub-category of high-value thoughts based on your intuition (aka 'gut feeling'). These are the messages that your body is sending you. Sometimes, like when you have to make an immediate decision, intuition is all that you'll have to work with. [FYI when we get to your body mind, we'll spend more time getting fluent with this deep sensational intelligence/language.] But when you have more time, your raw intuition becomes a high-value thought by passing through and collecting data from your emotional mind, and then expressing itself in your thinking mind, where you will understand it in more familiar terms, as part of the story of your life.


As you face a decision (good to practice on small ones), take a moment and bring your awareness (and acceptance) to your body. When possible, stay here until you feel a physical shift into presence – a subtle, semi-involuntary softening/opening/settling/centering (if you've been practicing, this might take anywhere from 1-5 breaths).

Notice, feel and accept your emotional state. Are you or any others involved feeling any reactivity? Do you want something in this situation?

Concentrate your attention on the space between your thoughts (anchored in your breath), and feel your calm-focus.

With self-awareness of the concurrent flow of the three levels above (body, emotion, and thoughts) hold this space as long as you can/need to, make your decision, and then take action.

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