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Reality Always Wins (Day 93)

We're looking at how and where you're not accepting reality (the way things are), and what that feels like. When you fight reality you always lose! This fight is the essence of our reactivity, which always creates extra and unnecessary problems. Once you see the problem that you're creating, then you work out what acceptance looks and feels like in that situation. How do you have to change?

We're deep down in our brains with our mammal minds, looking at emotional reactivity. These reactions are the source of ALL our stress and suffering, so it's very important that we understand them, which means spending some time observing their nature. That's what we're doing this whole week – focusing on every single instance and feeling of 'I don't accept this, I don't want it, I don't like it...not like THIS!'


Observe yourself (and others!) reacting, and then notice how you're fighting reality. How can you bring some acceptance to the situation? Start with a physical and tangible breath of acceptance.

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