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Day 65 – Kindness & Problematic Thoughts

We're down here listening to the thoughts that come from the problems that live deep inside our minds.

And we're just going to listen – paying very close attention, and bringing some kindness/acceptance to our reactive thoughts. The kindness is in letting them be what they are. You don't have to do, solve, understand or believe anything about them. All they need is your attention and acceptance – your knowing and loving.

In order to hear and make sense of them, you're going to need all of the awareness, focus and breathing skills that you've been developing. These thoughts are designed to remain hidden, and you are designed to be swept away into the content of the thoughts on waves of intense emotions. This is hard stuff to sit with and look at!

As you get more familiar with these deep, reactive thoughts, you'll start to discern patterns and themes. Out of these will emerge your core beliefs (your 'truth' about how the world, people and you are). When you work down here at this level, the changes you make are transformational.


When you find yourself reacting to something, notice your thoughts (e.g. the anxious, overwhelmed, and despairing ones), with openness and acceptance. Express this acceptance with an on-purpose, body-expanding breath. What are they talking about? Notice any themes.

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