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Day 58 – You Choose!

Exercising the capacity to choose is fundamental to practicing mindfulness, changing your mind, and living a good life.

Today we're starting from the space in-between your thoughts – where you find yourself when you've just pulled out of one. From this vantage point, what you've just bought yourself is choice – a faculty of your human awareness.

Unless you set yourself up to have a choice in what your brain and, by extension, 'you' do, you will not really be making choices. Instead, the menagerie inside your head 🐵🐶🐲 will be making them for you – and they aren't even capable of making free choices in the first place, they can only follow their programming.


Once you've chosen to recover from your thought (1), choose to rebalance yourself in your body (take a tension-releasing breath) (2), and then choose what you want to think about next (3), and finally, choose how you want to show-up (eg tense and anxious vs flexible and curious) (4). Then dive in and start your thinking!

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