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Day 57 – 3 Levels of Thinking

Having looked at thoughts categorically from a distance, and having excavated some space between your thoughts as a safe and stable platform, we can now begin to examine our thoughts in more detail.

We are going to (very broadly) group our thoughts into 3 levels:

  1. The Story of our lives. The superficial day-to-day thoughts. A small fraction of these are what we notice as our 'thoughts' (although even most of these we don't notice, they just incessantly whisper in our ears).

  2. The deeper hidden thoughts that form our Core Beliefs (how the world is, how people are, and how we are). These make up the 'rules' of how life works.

  3. The deepest autobiographical thoughts that form our sense of self ('ego'). These make up who we think we are (which can have little to no relation to who we actually are).


Using the above categories, see if you can recognise any of the thoughts you observe yourself having. Hint: most of them will be in the first category.

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