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Day 54 – The Breath of Presence

We can see an ancient expression of our innate calm-focus in reptiles. Watch them and feel their vibe! Deep down, you are this. When you're observing your breath, you're connecting your human mind (awareness) with your reptile mind (body), and are bringing these qualities to the fore.

One of the very important qualities of the not-thinking space is that it only exists in the present moment – right now. Your thoughts are generally about the future or past, and are almost never about right now. As you build your focus, the calm that will naturally become part of it (calm-focus) is only accessible when you're present over time in this moment. Awareness of your breath will keep you in the now.

We're looking at our thinking minds, in order to learn about and train them. First, we categorised all of our thoughts together (labeled them a problem!) and got more familiar with the not-thinking space. Now we're building some stability and insight into this 'in-between thoughts' space, which will allow us to safely dive into our thoughts without being swept away by them (as we usually are).


Observe your breathing, with the understanding that breath only happens in the present. Keep returning to now.🦎

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