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Day 43 โ€“ Untrustworthy Thoughts

At this stage in our observation of the monkey mind / our thoughts, we're going to categorically group them all together (notallthoughts!๐Ÿ˜‰), label them as untrustworthy, and leave them, over and over. This is an exercise in self-leadership, and will create clarity around the nature of your thoughts.

Your mental processing starts with a physical sensation (reptile), which inspires an emotional reaction (mammal), which powers your thinking (monkey). Your emotional reactions are inherently problematic, and therefore so too are your thoughts. Every single one of them is infused with emotional reactivity, and is bound to cause problems.

Thoughts themselves will not always be a problem, if they're well-managed (by the human). In time, we'll find much more nuance. But at first, they are wild (untrained and destructive) and are used to being in charge of you (inmates running the asylum)!


Leave them! Every chance you get. Come back to your breath/body (or any sensory event). Take a moment once you've left and congratulate yourself for breaking free!

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