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Day 40 –The Space Between Thoughts

We've looked at where thoughts come from, and where they disappear to. Those same beginning and ending points also define the space between your thoughts. This is our focus today.

This deep and fertile space can be very tricky to notice. First of all, because often there's no space there at all! There's nothing but a rushing river of chaotically overlapping thoughts. And secondly, because compared to the active energy of thinking, the space in-between can feel like 'nothing', which is a hard 'thing' to notice!

But, having prepared your awareness (in the previous month), you have all the tools you need in place. Now you just need to grind your lens a bit finer and get familiar with the territory.


Use a deliberate breath* – like wiper blades wiping raindrops off of your car's windshield – to get clear of your thoughts. Your mind can only pay attention to one thing at a time, so doing this drops you right into the space between thoughts and can keep you grounded there.

*You can use any sensory input, but breath works particularly well, and is always accessible. Also, we're going to use breath as a tool on other occasions as we dive deeper into your mind, and we're strengthening it here. 💪🏽

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