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Day 38 – Where do your thoughts come from?

Your task today is to try and answer this simple (but deep and tricky!) question. Have a look and find out for yourself.

You'll have to observe very closely, and find the space before a thought appears. We are rarely aware of this space! We usually don't notice the birth of a thought, or even when they take hold of our attention. We only become aware of them once we're already engaged in the thinking.

This means that we usually have no choice around what we think! Which is probably a familiar state to you if you've ever been awake in the middle of the night worried about something, and wishing that your thoughts would quiet down so that you could go back to sleep.

Watching thoughts is a subtle and tricky endeavour as they are very skittish creatures. You have to be very, very still so as not to disturb them – like a wildlife photographer hidden in a blind.


Answer this question: Where do your thoughts come from?

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