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Day 27 – Yas Queen!

We've been looking at awareness in some detail – the nature of it, the 3 different levels, the various sensory inputs...

Today we go back to basics. We put aside all of that knowledge and structure (which will help in your awareness of awareness), and come back to mere awareness. And what we find here is that, in awareness, you sit at the still point of the spinning universe, and the world comes to you. You are the queen of your world.

Mindfulness is not a practice of doing (e.g. thinking, searching, trying...), but of being. Sit in your perfectly still and untouchable throne of awareness and merely observe. In so doing, you will eventually unravel the great mystery of yourself and the universe (same thing, different scale and perspective!). Along that journey you will heal yourself and find happiness, purpose and meaning.


Take a moment, drop into your awareness and take stock of everything that makes up this present moment. Notice how in your stillness, the world comes to you – your life, body, breath, sensory inputs, feelings and thoughts.

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