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Day 24 – Touch #2 Proprioception

Touch is the sense that takes you from external perception to internal, and today we go one step in, getting under your skin and into your muscles and joints. Being proprioceptively self-aware is a sign of being more deeply in touch with your body and deeper minds – the levels at which you can make healthy and positive changes in your self and life.

Proprioception is the sense that tells you where you body is in space. What we call 'muscle memory' is actually stored here (your muscles don't actually have memory).

When we practice yoga we're working with this sense – moving, stretching, balancing, exerting, and most importantly, feeling and being aware of our bodies.


1. Notice something body-based (like walking, for example) that you do without needing to pay attention to it, and deliberately pay some attention to it on the proprioceptive level. What are the various parts of your body doing, and how do they feel?

2. Check-in with your body throughout the day: what is your posture like (not necessarily to correct it, but simply to notice), what shape is your body in?

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