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Day 23 – Touch #1 Perception

Today we're using our awareness to notice our external sense of touch – which we'll call 'perception'.

Touch, in its three varieties, is the sense that will take us from awareness of the external world, into the internal.

Touch is different to your other external senses in that it's not centered in your head. Instead, it covers your entire body. This fuller sense of your physical self will be important as we eventually turn towards taming and training your thoughts and emotions, and get deeper into the practice.

We talked about noticing the spectrum of pleasure and pain, as well as the wide range of intensity – from the touch of a nasal swab somewhere deep in your head, to touching another person, to the touch of the atmosphere against your bare skin.


Observe yourself touching and being touched by the world. Where possible, pay close attention to the physical sensations you feel, to the point where you notice something new about what you're feeling.

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