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Day 18 – Smells Like Yogi Spirit👃🏽

Today we're focusing on our sense of smell.

Smelling and inhaling (through your nose) are inseparable. The mechanism of smelling (which scientifically is still a bit mysterious as to exactly how it works!) is all tied-up with your memories and emotions (this is the 'Proustian moment', when a particular scent conjures up a certain experience, time or place).

When this part of the brain (our emotional Limbic System) was first explored in rodents, they wanted to call it the nose brain, as so much real estate in their brains was dedicated to smelling.

Notice what you smell today. Look for how it feels in your body, as well as any emotions and thoughts the smell inspires.

👃🏽 👃🏽

🌹 💩

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