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Day 17 โ€“ Harnessing Your Eyes ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Today you're looking at your visual sense in three ways:

  • Regular Eyes: Going about your day, looking at the world, aware of what you're seeing. Feeling the impact of what you see on your field of body sensations.

  • Harnessed Eyes: Fix your gaze on a single point and don't let it wander. Notice when your eyes do want to wander (similar and connected to how your thoughts want to wander!), and also notice how your state of mind changes as you keep your gaze steady.

  • Closed Eyes: Choose to leave the external world (similar and connected to how you leave your thoughts too!) and head inside your mind. Allow your other senses to increase in resolution as your dominant (for most of us) visual sense is blindfolded.

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