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Day 15 – Awareness of Your 6 Senses

Working from that middle-level of awareness, where your body lives, we're going to pay attention to our senses one at a time this coming week.

Today we talked about your six senses (the usual ones + your mind and its internal contents), and about how they meet an object, which causes a sensation to arise in your body, which you then react to by either craving or having an aversion towards it. This is the very root of your suffering.

I introduced the wheel of dependant arising (which explains how our lives work – we are looking, for the moment, at the middle four steps) in order to show the key importance of observing the 'sense gate' (eye, ear, etc.), the moment of contact, the arising sensations and your reactions.

Your task is to notice any of the above, and then apply whatever degree of awareness & acceptance you can muster.


Observe your body sensations – get them on your radar. Notice the changes in this field as life hits you (through your 6 sense gates). Keep it up!

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