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Day 10 - 3 Levels of Awareness

Today we talked about 3 levels of awareness. I think of these levels as lenses we use over our raw awareness.

  1. Telescope: This is the most wide-angle, big-picture, cosmological perspective - when you observe the clouds, stars, horizon, etc. From here our lives can seem very small.

  2. Eyes/Glasses: This is our usual level of awareness and where we live our day-to-day lives. It includes the immediate things, situations and people around you, as well as your surface level thoughts, emotions and sensations.

  3. Microscope: This is what's happening inside you and deeply under the surface. The formal practice (what we do every morning) is building this level of awareness. Here we find our deeper and subtler thoughts (core beliefs), emotions (core reactions) and the sensations (of life and matter). Down here is where we can transform our minds. The very deepest level is where we finish the practice.



Get yourself out of the middle-level and into either the macro or micro levels of awareness. This could be as simple as observing the clouds/sky or feeling a breath. Be aware that you are shifting lenses.

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