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Day 1 🎉

Tomorrow we will embark upon a significant journey together – a year of daily practice. It’s a privilege to share this journey with you, and I thank you for your commitment. I’m excited! 🙏🏾

I love the one year timeframe (the scale of ‘years’ in general is the right framing for mindfulness practice). The canvas is finally getting big enough! This is the scale where the practice will have an effect and you'll notice your mind changing/improving. (From a full-scale practice perspective (7 years), Year 1 is where you build up the speed/strength of mind needed to break free of your mind’s gravity well.)

A year also means that we can let go of the idea of outcomes and get into the regular, daily rhythm of the practice and life, and find some flow. There is an old saying that before enlightenment you have to ‘chop wood and carry water’, and then *boom* you’re enlightened…and then it’s all about ‘chop wood and carry water’ again.😊

What’s important is *how* we show up to chop our wood and carry our water. We are going to show up knowing and loving what is. Every day this will involve:

1. Building your awarenessknowing yourself and the world better

2. Building your acceptanceloving yourself and the world better

We’re going to show up intentionally, in every aspect of our minds:

I will be aware like this…

I will think like this…

I will be emotional like this…

I will be physical like this…

As you build the capacity to stay mindful – to stay in a knowing and loving perspective – you will:

  • Heal your suffering – deal with stress and whatever feels ‘wrong’ in your life

  • Strengthen your mind – engage with the world in a richer and more satisfying way

  • Support the people around you, and make the world a better place


Year 1 Overview

Your mind has 7-levels (hence the full 7-year practice, with one year at each level). Our first 7 months will involve one month at each level of your mind. For the final 5 months we’ll focus on Awareness in a few different ways.

Month 1: Awareness

Month 2: Thinking

Month 3: Emotions

Month 4: Body

Month 5: Living

Month 6: Being

Month 7: Peace

Month 8: Awareness

Month 9: Awareness

Month 10: Awareness

Month 11: Awareness

Month 12: Awareness

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