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Consolidation (Day 120)

Four months! One-third done. โœ“ Good job. ๐Ÿ˜Š

We're going to take a breath and let things consolidate. So far, we've looked in some depth at 3 levels of your mind: human awareness, monkey thinker, and the emotional mammal. And, of course, the whole time, in the actual practices that we do every day, we've been fixing our attention on your reptile body.

We'll bring up the boardroom analogy again. Your four minds are sitting around a boardroom table:

  • You are the CEO, sitting at the head of the table, taking in all the info and making decisions.

  • To one side is your ever-talking monkey.

  • On the other side is your ever-reacting, yelling mammal.

  • In front of you, whispering, is your reptile body.

Now โ€“ 120 days of practice in a row โ€“ you know these creatures a bit better, with their habits and foibles. And now there's a bit more discipline in the room. First of all, and most importantly, the boss is showing-up, day after day! The monkey is learning to focus, the mammal to calm down, and you (the human) have been learning how to speak the language of your body. You're getting better data now, and so your meaning-making and decision-making will improve.


Notice the the four creatures in your head โ€“ singularly, in combination, and all-together. What are they each saying?

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