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Building Positive Momentum (Day 152)

Today we got right into our practice. For the past few days we've been looking at how to breathe and stand at attention. Chances are, in both cases, you're doing something different to how you've been habitually breathing and standing, which has been compromised by a lifetime of reactivity and inattention.

Once you know which direction to move towards (which is what we've been looking at this week), it comes down to choosing to stand and breathe differently over and over again, and paying close attention to how it feels. Now it simply (but not necessarily easily!) comes down to practicing!


Let your daily morning practice act as a deliberate reset to how you breathe and stand. Bring as much of this into your day as you can, whenever you remember. As you build momentum and your practice begins to stabilise and show-up more, notice if/how it changes how you feel, think and act, and also how these changes might impact others. 😊

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