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๐Ÿ”’๐ŸŒŠ Body Locks โ€” Day 174

We are living with our @attention posture, observing how it's different to your current normal, and experiencing how it can lead to a different relationship with your body (L4), feelings (L3), thoughts (L1)/decisions and actions. At the root of things, your posture keeps the light of your awareness (L1) burning.

We've talked quite a bit about bandhas as closing or locking. There is another sense of 'lock', as used in canals.

A short section of a canal or river with gates and sluices at each end which can be opened or closed to change the water level, used for raising and lowering boats.

Your bandhas are the gates which create the ability to maintain your own internal environment in two ways:

  1. As distinct from the outside world. For example, you're in a chronic stressful situation and are able to remain calm and resilient.

  2. As distinct from your internal sensations, emotions and thoughts. For example, you're in pain and highly anxious, but still feel a sense of stillness and control.


Engage your bandhas and assume the @attention posture. Notice and experiment with the differential between your insides (your mind) and outsides (the situation).

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